Master Cane Reveals, Master Cane Level 1 Workshop, Parkville, MO 2018

Everyone’s favorite day in my 6-day Master Cane Workshop is the day the canes are cut open and the designs inside revealed.

Here are some more images from that day.

The large image above shows half of new cane sitting on a work surfaces. The two pictures below that show slices of all the canes made that day.

Here are closeups of the students faces when they cut open their canes and saw the designs inside for the first time.

Some people had time to make sections of their master cane slices into kaleidoscope designs that same day. A few even had time to make pendants.









What a great day!

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4 Responses to Master Cane Reveals, Master Cane Level 1 Workshop, Parkville, MO 2018

  1. Elizabeth Swain says:

    Hi Carol. I’ve been trying to get ahold of Connie Newton to enroll in the Westport,WA workshop. When I push the link it goes to a problem page. Could you text or write me back as to how I can enroll and/or email you. All links that try to connect to you on the internet connect to an error page.
    I’ve been put on the wait list for the New Mexico workshop but can attend either workshop location. I look forward to hearing back. Liz Swain

  2. Berdell says:

    is there still space available?

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