Collaboration (Part 1)

by Carol Simmons on 09/01/2013 · 22 comments

Read more about our necklace collaboration in Part II

4 sides of 3 inch bead by Carol Simmons

I just returned from a week in the Colorado mountains with 21 other polymer clay artists. The highlight of the week, for me, was my collaboration with Rebecca Watkins. The goal of the collaboration was to complete a necklace of very large beads combining caning and carving techniques.

Carol Simmons and Rebecca Watkins with our collaborative necklace


I don’t want to say too much about the collaboration and the techniques in this post because both Rebecca and I will be writing about it in the near future, but I do want to share our excitement about accomplishing our goal. I think it shows in this picture of us wearing our necklace.


The collaboration required us to work somewhat outside our comfort zones and as a result we each developed new skills in the process.  The color in the necklace was created by my canes and the relief was produced using Rebecca’s carving technique.

We have returned home now, but we plan to continue our collaboration. Here are some pictures of portions of the necklace.

collaboration necklace carol and rebecca 9 in

collaboration necklace carol and rebecca view 2 9 in

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