6-Day Master Cane Workshop Level 2

This is a SPECIAL 6-day master cane workshop for people who have already taken my regular Master Cane workshop but want to delve more deeply into color and caning.

The master cane will be smaller but the component canes will be more detailed and painterly as well as less abstract. Although the palette will be more limited, the color schemes and shading will be more advanced (e.g. muted, grayed, toned, shaded). 

Background color will be added  to help emphasize the designs of the component canes. The kaleidoscopes will be in the general style of  my early series of work including my William Morris series.

Early work I did in the style I’ll be teaching.

This is an advanced workshop. The technique is more difficult than the Level 1 technique I taught previously. If you struggled with Level 1, I suggest you do the optional homework I will be providing so that you can relax and get the most out of the class.