Update on the Simmons Slicer as of May 2018.

The Simmons Slicer is back in production!!! We expect to have 9-10 available by September of this year.

This picture shows Julie Eakes’ face cane on the very first slicer, made in 2012.  Julie is using her slicer to this day to slice even larger canes.

The picture below shows my canes lined up on the 5-inch-wide slicing surface so that they can be sliced all at once. This is the way I use the slicer most often.

The picture below shows the current, improved slicer being used to cut a “Master Cane” in my latest workshop.

The specifications for the slicer are as follows:

  • Overall dimensions:  11.5” wide x 14.75” long x 16.75” tall.
  • Weight is just under 13 pounds.
  • Capacities:
    • Maximum slice area:  5” wide x 4.5” tall.
    • Maximum cane length: about 5”.
    • Minimum slice thickness: 1/64” although consistency is better at 1/32″
  • The slicer can be disassembled for easier packing.
  • Several accessories are available.
  • Price $850 plus shipping.

The Simmons Polymer Clay Slicer is only meant for use with uncured (unhardened) polymer clay. Users must follow all safety precautions listed in the “Instructions for Use.” NEVER use it with food or allow food to contact it.  

The slicers are manufactured in small batches. There is already a waiting list. To add your name to the waiting list FILL OUT THIS FORM. This is the ONLY way to add your name to the waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE: If you filled out the form prior to May 1, 2018, we ask that you fill it out again so that we can update our records.

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2 Responses to Update on the Simmons Slicer as of May 2018.

  1. Hi Carol. I am interested in purchasing one of the ‘SIMMONS CLAY SLICER’ and I’d like to be out in the waiting list please. What goes if payments do you take I
    i.e. credit/debit cards, checks, PayPal, cash etc…?? And would it be possible for me to make payments on the ‘slicer’ in advance while I’m on the waiting list?? I am a Veterans Widow (almost 70 yrs old) and live on a fixed income. I could do this in 4 payments if that would be OK with you. I LOVE making canes and I cover many different mediums from Ostrich Eggs to Jewelry boxes and decorative bottles and candle holders and many other items and my slicing is not always even. This would be a GODSEND to me. Please let me know and thank you so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Susie Chamblee in Idaho USA

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