August 2015 Workshops on Vancouver Island

UPDATE: The venue for the Kaleidoscope Cane Veneers workshop has just been announced. It is the historic “Old School House of the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society” on Vancouver Island. It is a wonderful old building with lots of charm. Look at those windows! I believe there are 3 openings left.

kaleido location CAN

Please note: The Hidden Jewels workshop is now full. Jun 13, 2015.

I would love it if you could join me on beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada for these back-to-back weekend workshops this August. Enjoy sight seeing on the Island in between. Contact Paula Beltgens for information (email below).

Canada Workshops Announcement

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20 Responses to August 2015 Workshops on Vancouver Island

  1. Melody KirkWagner says:

    I’d love to have the information about it!

  2. Gayla Childers says:

    I am interested in taking at least one of Carol’s classes. She sent me the link this morning because she knew that I was interested and didn’t live too far from here (Burlington WA). So would you please send me info on the workshops?
    Thank you, Gayla C

  3. Nancy Dawes says:

    Oh, yes, please send me the info. I live and work near Victoria so this is perfect.

  4. Laurel Martel says:

    Would like info on workshops on Vancouver Island in Aug…..

  5. Cheryl Dixon says:

    Would love to come. Please send me the information, ie, cost, supplies, etc. So excited!

  6. Stephanie Bargelski says:

    I would LOVE to go, but I am house bound. Thank you for thinking of me.

  7. Jan Gontard says:

    Oh how I WISH I could attend the Vancouver workshop!! Having experienced the magic of Orcas Island once upon a time, I’ve since dreamed of returning to that part of the world. I’ll keep scratching my lottery scratch cards!
    Actually, I was looking for a way to send you a message. I need to thank you for the countless hours of delight you’ve given me via your clay work and the links on your Pinterest board that so closely reflect my interests and passions — most especially color! (I like to say that color is my drug of choice).
    Funny thing happened…I just stumbled on the Flicker site of a photographer whose work features some flower shots that took my breath away. For some odd reason, they made me think of you. So I’m passing along his name in the hope that you will be as impressed as I was! His name is Crodd Chin.
    Thanks again for all your joyful work, posts, blogs!

    Jan Gontard, fellow artist, art teacher, clayer, color lover

    • Carol Simmons says:

      Hi Jan,
      Thank you for the lovely letter. I’ll Check out Crodd Chin’s work. What part of the country are you in? Are you on Facebook? Pinterest?

  8. Yvette Menard says:

    Hi – I would like to register for Hidden Jewels Nanaimo workshop! I hope you can send me the registration information.
    Thank you,

    • Carol Simmons says:

      I’m sorry Yvette, that workshop is full. There are still openings in the Kaleidoscope veneers workshop, though.

  9. Katie Weibel says:

    Hi Carol,
    I’m from the North West Polymer Clay Guild and would love to take one or both your classes in August. Could you please send more information about them?
    Thank you
    Katie Weibel

    • Carol Simmons says:

      Thank you for your interest. I sent you an email with information about the workshops.

  10. Kim Mitchell says:

    Would you put me on your mailing list for future classes ? -wish I could attend the aug 15th work shop – it’s the same weekend I am taking my son off to college!

  11. Betty Mehlhoff says:

    Hi Carol,

    I am also a member of the Northwest Polymer Clay Guild. I would love some information regarding the workshops on the island.

    Thanks in advance,

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