Buckeye Bash Memories

Eggs covered with tessellated kaleidoscope cane veneers.

I just returned from the Buckeye Bash in Ohio, where I demonstrated my new mokume gane technique (“Brilliant Mokume Gane Veneers”) and and did a dry run for a new class called “Tessellated Kaleidoscope Cane Veneers.”  Eggs, pens and other objects were covered with absolutely beautiful veneers.

New Mokume

Right now, I can post only my own work (I forgot my camera) but I’ll be posting photos sent to me by participants as I get them.  I’ll be teaching these techniques in future classes.

Student pictures are now in:

by Judy Ankerman

Egg by Jeanette Kandray

4 Eggs by Judy Ankerman

Eggs by Freda Kramer (R) and Jeanette Kandray (L)

Cane and Egg by Jan Montarsi

Jan Montarsi tells me that the cane below was his first ever complex cane!

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7 Responses to Buckeye Bash Memories

  1. Pat Lacy says:

    Carol, it was wonderful meeting you. Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge with us. It was great fun. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about how I could use the mokume pieces we created to make a beautiful pendent for myself as a reminder of the wonderful time we had together.

    Thanks too for sharing the slicer. It is amazing.

  2. jan montarsi says:

    Thanks again for your workshops at the Buckeye Bash!
    Your cane slicer is as amazing as you are. Having the opportunity to use it paralelled
    with your teaching and tireless coaching has been one of the most fun and rewarding
    experiances, and i’m sure I have increased my own expertise ten fold, and look forward to many many hours exploring what you taught!
    jan montarsi

  3. DesertRubble says:

    Saw you on PCD this morning….your canes are gorgeous!

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