Polyform: They Heard Us!

Polyform has posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“Polyform has reviewed all of your heartfelt comments in reference to Premo Cobalt Blue and Premo Zinc Yellow. In response to your needs we are going to find a way to keep these colors available for you. We will work with distributors and will post the information as soon as we finalize it.

Your comments were heard, your loyalty appreciated.”

“To answer some of your other concerns:

  • Frost has been renamed White Translucent in order to clarify it’s color to new users. The color has not changed.
  • Copper has changed, there will be a color recipe to create the older version of this color. The new Copper color is closer to the color of a new copper penny.
  • The fluorescent colors have been discontinued. Two new colors, Wasabi and Candy Pink are quite bright and sure to make a “color pop” in your creations.
  • The recipes for discontinued colors, with the exception of the fluorescent colors, will be available. Many of the recipes use new colors so releasing the formulas now will not help you. We’ll release the formulas on January 3rd when the new colors are going to be available to ship.”

Thank you to everyone who spoke up.  You can make a difference.

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3 Responses to Polyform: They Heard Us!

  1. Jazmarz says:

    It’s good to know that Polyform cared enough about it’s customers to listen and react positively. I for one am relieved about ol’ blue and yellow. Looking forward to staying a loyal customer and will be purchasing the new colors next year along with Premo Cobalt Blue and Premo Zinc Yellow. Hooray for us standing together as one voice.

  2. Sabine says:

    That’s absolutely fabulous.
    All the protest has prompted me to grab those two colours and explore the possibilities more systematically, rather than intuitively. I have found so many new eye-poppping colours.
    Will next see how close a mix of turquoise and ultramarine gets to cobalt blends.

    Keep up the great work. Your use of colours is fabulous.

  3. Jan Gontard says:

    File under…”spooky”? I was just this evening looking for Zinc Yellow (unsuccessfully. Is it still not available (Aug. 2017)? AND Cobalt! I keep seeing clay pieces made from an amazingly saturated bright blue, and I wanted to check out Cobalt in another attempt at finding a match. Thanks, Carol, you’re a true Color Wizard and a great inspiration!

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